Aboriginal: Central Desert


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  • Wooden carvings – Woomera, snake, lizards, goannas, dragon, dingo, quoll, birds, turtle
  • Vials of native seeds
  • Boxes of native plants, animals and shells
  • Posters – Central Australian Goannas, Australian Deserts, Features of the Australian Landscape, Aboriginal Stone Arrangements in SA, Rock Art of the Lost Australian, Bush Tucker
  • Booklets – Exploring Nature in the Deserts, Desert Dreamings, Arrente Foods, Growing up at Uluru, Aboriginal People of SA, Aboriginal People of NT

Year 1 – Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape
Year 2 – Earth’s resources are used in a variety of ways
Year 4 – Living things depend on each other and the environment to survive. Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human activity
Year 5 – Living things have structural features and adaptations that help tham to survive in their environment
Year 6 – The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment

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*This kit may contain images of indigenous people who may be deceased.


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