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Use this kit to show how animals can hide themselves in their environment, using behavioural techniques and colouring. Place each specimen on the range of coloured cardboard or paper to choose which ones hides the animal best. Then place each specimen on the range of natural surfaces to show how the animal can ‘disappear’.

  • 15 specimens with full information and activity sheets
  • Posters – Animal Disguises, Insects; Camouflage, Leaf Frog, Masters of Disguise, Northern Barred Frog
  • Books – Animal Behaviour, Animals in Disguise

Links to South Australian units in the Australian National Curriculum:
Reception Unit – Who needs that?
– Animals and their external features, You belong with _, My own creation
Year 1 Unit – Who needs that?
– What do I need? Staying alive, The basic needs of animals, Domestic versus wild animals, Getting creative
Year 5 Unit – Adaptations to survive
– Adaptations, What makes me a bird or a fish? Structural adaptations, Aboriginal People’s knowledge of adaptations, Extreme environments, Adaptations for Australian environments, Adaptations and climate change

For more information as to how our kits align with the National Curriculum units please see this table.

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