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Giant Crab – Pseudocarcinus gigas
The Tasmanian giant crab, also refered to as the giant deep-water crab, giant southern crab or queen crab is an exceptionally large species of crab. The Tasmanian giant crab lives on rocky and muddy bottoms in the oceans off South Australia with NEC specimens being collected from Robe, SA.
The Tasmanian giant crab is one of the largest crabs in the world, reaching a mass of up to 17.6 kg. Male Tasmanian giant crabs reach more than twice the size of females and have one normal-sized and one oversized claw, whereas females do not exceed 7 kg and both claws are normal-sized. The Tasmanian giant crab feeds on carrion and slow-moving species, including gastropods, crustaceans and starfish.

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