Spiders and Minibeasts


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  • Specimens x15 in resin blocks with full information
  • Posters – Spiders of Australia, Spiders and their allies, Common Insects of Australia
  • Books – Common Adelaide Insects, Australia’s Most Dangerous Spiders, Real Life Bugs Magazine, Australian Spiders

Links to South Australian units in the Australian National Curriculum:
Reception Unit – It’s a Feature
– Animals and their external features, You belong with_, My own creation
Year 3 Unit – Is it alive?
– What do living things need?, Move along, Growing, growing, grown, Investigating seed growth
Year 4 Unit – Follow that food
– Consumers – carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, Food chains, Predator or prey, First nations peoples use of native foods, Invasive species
Year 5 Unit – Adaptations to survive
– Adaptations, What makes me a bird or a fish?, Structural adaptations, Aboriginal People’s knowledge of adaptations, Extreme environments, Adaptations and climate change
Year 7 Unit – Classification of living things
– Introduction to classification, Classification of organisms using Aboriginal knowledges, Making meaning of scientific language, Creating dichotomous keys, Using dichotomous keys, Classification of animal phylum vertebrates, Classification of animal phyla invertebrates

For more information as to how our kits align with the National Curriculum units please see this table.

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