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The Common Yabby is an Australian freshwater crustacean. Their colouring can be highly variable and depends on water clarity and habitat; yabbies can range from black, blue-black, or dark brown in clear waters to light brown, green-brown, or beige in turbid waters. Yabbies do best at a water temperature of between 12°C and 20°C but they will tolerate water that is a little colder or warmer. At the colder temperatures they tend not to feed too much so there is no noticeable growth but when the temperature is over 22°C the growth is quite rapid.

Minimum loan period is 1 week, maximum loan period is 3 weeks. Each loan animal is provided with food for the loan period, tank and a “How to Keep” sheet.
Our loan yabbies must be taken straight to your school/kindy/childcare after collection for tank set-up and not kept at home overnight.
We recommend our members do a full risk assessment for the loan acknowledging the individuality of each classroom environment and the students therein.

Please CALL us to arrange all loans, booking is essential, with 24 hours notice required.

Please note our hot weather policy – we will not allow water animals to be transported in temperatures above 30°C. If this is forecast we will call to make alternative arrangements.


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