Educational Talks

Visit the Nature Education Centre or have our Education Officer visit you with a range of exciting native animals for your students to study and touch. Talks are suitable for children of all ages and provide a valuable hands-on learning experience. We can tailor talks to your chosen topic within the National Curriculum. Popular topics include:

  • Native Australian Animals (including insects, frogs, reptiles and marsupials)
  • Minibeasts
  • Habitats
  • Special features / classifications / adaptations
  • Lifecycles / changes

How to book a talk

Talks are available for groups of up to 30 students. Please call us on 08 8357 3413 to book your 45 minute session.

We can cater to all educational institutions including play groups, kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, TAFEs and OHSCs.

Costs: $290 per talk, $275 for each additional talks on the same day with a maximum of three per session. Annual members receive a discount of $40 per talk ($250/talk, $230/additional talk). If you would prefer to visit us, $180 per session, or in conjunction with the Urrbrae Wetlands, $150 per talk. 

A fuel surcharge may apply for sites more than 20km away from NEC.

Application Inquiry Form

(e.g. parking instructions, site accessibility, etc.)