Blue Tongue Lizard


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Australia has several species of Blue Tongue, the Common Blue Tongue is the most frequently encountered by people and is one of the most iconic Australian reptiles. Their most prominent feature is their large blue tongue that can be bared as a bluff-warning to potential enemies. They are relatively shy in comparison with other lizards and also significantly slower due to their short legs.

Minimum loan period is 1 week, maximum loan period is 2 weeks. Each loan animal is provided with food for the loan period, tank and a “How to Keep” sheet. Our Blue Tongues can be handled under strictly controlled and supervised conditions, more information can be found on the “How to Keep” sheet.
We recommend our members do a full risk assessment for the loan acknowledging the individuality of each classroom environment and the students therein.

Please CALL us to arrange all loans, booking is essential, with 24 hours notice required.

Please note our hot weather policy – we will not allow animals to be transported in temperatures above 35°C. If this is forecast we will call to make alternative arrangements.


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