Crocodile 5, Freshwater, Basking


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Freshwater Crocodile – Crocodylus johnsoni
The Freshwater Crocodile, also known as the Australian freshwater crocodile or Johnstone’s crocodile is a species of crocodile endemic to the northern regions of Australia. Habitats include freshwater wetlands, billabongs, rivers and creeks. Unlike their much larger Australian relative, the saltwater crocodile, freshwater crocodiles are not known as man-eaters and rarely cause fatalities, whilst they are generally shy they will bite in self-defense if cornered. Males can grow to 2.3–3 m long and commonly weigh around 70 kg, while females reach a maximum size of 2.1 m. They prey on fish, birds, bats, reptiles and amphibians, although larger individuals may take prey as large as a wallaby.

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